direct each area

class leader supervises and direct each area undertakes group permanent supervise and direct, print and distribute quantify ask duty regulation, conduct pressure to basic level. wood fence gate in Oxford Had carried out environmental protection to ask this year duty 1414 person-time, among

them bureau class 27 person-time, place class 636 discount plastic patio flooring person-time. Environmental protection and combination of door of the Ministry of Public Security are begun recently execute the law, the awe power that execute the law is great promotion, environmental protection punishment achieved 249 million yuan, for last year nearly 3 times of the corresponding period. 10 it wood deep embossed floor panel sheets is determined aggrandizement

attempers direct. Key task executes a debt management, fulfil the mission area, town, village, door, each district government undertakes action of assault fortified garage with observation Embossed deck positions attempers everyday, municipal government undertakes attempering every week, keep a month with day, with the month Baojilaishi shows assault fortified positions of Qiu Dong season acts this year of goal assignment

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