area in prothorax backboard

soft nap belongs to Sarosethes. Imago grows 12-21mm, the area in prothorax backboard is compressed, close by short velvet black nap, n nap is few and far between. best material for boat deck brace This bug basically is with larva kill, be fond of is taken feed chestnut to belong to, oak is belonged to, Hu Tao is belonged to wait for tree. Imago lays eggs seam at bark falls or be being cultivated in, the larva after egg

hatch facilitates truncal in path of eat what is best composite decking in 2018 by moth is taken feed. Long-corn of tiger of cloth with soft nap basically distributings to come at North America the eastpart part at present can Sa this, according to Ni Suda of A Hua Jiming, our country still has no distributinging record. The geographical climate of our country and North America area are similar, eco decking tiles osbourne park host plant is widespread related

long-corn of tiger of cloth with soft nap, accordingly once this bug passes into home, breed is decided extremely likely in home, create the forest modes of life translucent sheets of plastic wood decking and relation to their environment to our country the harm at the appointed time. Diffuse to put an end to the transmission of this kinds of long-corn, personnel of quarantine of lake state bureau is in supervise for a short while

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