party that has great

On October 18, 24 days, of the party that has great history sense 19 hold in Beijing victory greatly. After congress concludes, li Ganjie of secretary of 2x2 ceiling panels brazil leading Party group of environmental protection department, minister is chaired quickly hold conference of leading Party group, leading Party group (expand) the conference, communicate 18 19 big spectacular event, 19 big reports, central

discipline appoint working decking boards composite price report and spirit of party constitution amendment, system of constituent environmental protection starts study upsurge of 19 great mind. In October 29, 30 days, environmental protection ministry holds system of countrywide environmental protection " the 19 great mind that study carries out a party make fight of assault deck bridge to pool canada fortified positions of environmental protection

of good modes of life and relation to their environment " special subject seminar, communicate study to carry out the 19 great mind of the party, communicate boat vinyl decking for water platform a result to experience, study deploy fulfils the job. Each province (area, city) , branch of environment of large unit of construction of production of city of plan only kind, Xinjiang is in charge of a comrade, departmental door is

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