harm plants and seedlings

pretty well the same as that of any greenhouse, regardless of the kind of cladding material used. Whether you use wooden, metal or plastic frame, the fundamentals of construction are more or less identical. These frames are intended to sit on a firm base with their own flooring to make working in them easier and more comfortable, and the climate easier to

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manage. Cheap flooring solutions can consist of anything from basic concrete slabs to timber plank-work. Whichever solution you choose, your floor doesn't need to look too finished: this is an outhouse - a working space - not an English drawing room. Before you start building your green house, you will want to think about those months when the

climate is at its hottest. If the temperature gets too high, it will harm plants and seedlings. The same will happen in the coldest months in a non-insulated wpc green house. Some Thoughts on Heating and Ventilating your Green House Thermostatically controlled heaters are needed to maintain your greenhouse at a constant temperature during the winter

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