the environmental protection

environmental protection, it is the environmental protection department that began on April 7, 2017 firstly to Beijing ferry look forward to and periphery transmit a composite fence calculator switzerland passageway " 2+26 " the superintend of aggrandizement of air pollution prevention and cure that the city begins by a definite date one year. It is secondly in August 2017 - the superintend that group of superintend of the 4th

batch of 8 central environmental protection outdoor siding panels outdoor buildings will begin to Shandong province in September works. Severe environmental protection situation lets Shandong save man-made board industry to be affected, place each big board factory rises in price make a trend, more serious after still group of superintend of centrally environmental protection garrisons Linyi several days,shadow box composite fences the plate company of

Linyi shuts entirely stop, no matter be mill of coolie factory, family, the big company that still takes annulus to review procedures does not stay, other city black composite panel fence material county also is such, the plate company that environmental protection quality involves nevertheless has difficulty walking below environmental protection storm. For this, shandong province is released " environmental

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