The businessman expresses

short supply. The businessman expresses, wpc decking offers in uk be prohibited by Laos the influence that log exports, card silk pulls home market Laos to be in condition of be in short supply already completely, prices shock is disturbed. At present Guangdong market Laos blocks silk spins 2.2, 2.6m, thick 5cm, class A quotes 4700, 5000 yuan / stere. Valence does not have goods. 84 lumber fence posts price Norms of part of Laos tip wood is

like 4m above, supply of goods is very in short supply, 4m is the following nevertheless in short makings still has certain stocks, the market demand of contented second wood fence for privacy fence panels half of the year is main problem of it doesn't matter. At present wood of tip of Guangdong market Laos grows 2.2, above of 2.6m, thick 8cm, class A (big Fang) quote 5500, 7000 yuan / stere. Supply of goods of flyspeck horse

is in short supply, city will have new money to enter town after. According to businessman report, come this year the market level of flyspeck horse is very 2 foot high picket fence fervent, the course is used up for long, at present the stocks of flyspeck horse has seen an end. businessman expresses at the same time, show the flyspeck horse supply of goods with many phase to be in maritime waving, predict to

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