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million comes 11 by 4 development, there are 2 to obtain in demonstrative division business " Chinese famous brand " product name, 3 are obtained " famous label " title, price per square foort to install veranda composite decking 3 win title of provincial famous brand, main export product is: The wood such as furniture of goods of floor of wood of plank, aggrandizement, bamboo, real wood, board type furniture. The product basically sells country and

the area such as past United States, decking wood plastic uv resistant Japan, Korea, European Union, South America, middle east. is begun in the job of demonstrative area in, birthday smooth city strengthens a key to coach the side is helped up ceaselessly, help enterprise is built perfect safety of exit wood quality runs a system. Every enterprise built quality government record, qualification to average price for fencing supply system of date from of

square archives, product, built more normative treatment to produce a record; Produce each link technological process according to exporting wood, help enterprise Composite Timber Bangalore defines crucial reference point, aggrandizement working procedure controls capacity. Built exit wood business sincere letter archives, with exit wood company signed book of sincere letter acceptance. Carry pair of businesses sincere

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