effectively destroy silvan

that carries without card 50 stere, the member that investigate illegal person 3, hit effectively destroy silvan natural resources to violate guilty activity. Current,pvc ceiling panels south africa the case is in in further investigation among manage, special operation is in begin continuously. Environmental protection ministry gives time of repair of new rule stop production to be 3 months at least although

" method of punish of stop production flame retardant extruded wall panels of production of executive limitation of branch of environmental protection director " (the following abbreviation " method " ) carry out already two years many, 2017 is to experience more " history on the most severe be restricted to produce " , but still cannot keep within limits " make a gesture to give the impression of doing collie timber decking in thailand sth of some punish of

company stop production, today stop production tomorrow answer produce " ; Return some companies the lesson that not deep derive is instructed to restrict punish of production,cheap source plastic decking boards stop production, in 30 days dog after examination time ends, appear again the environment violates act. Freedom of branch of environmental protection reduces an amount too big; Be restricted to produce,

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