hole in the bubble

doesn't wear down as fast as sandpaper, though. Grip tape is also quite sturdy and reliable. Grip tape is actually so sturdy, that even if it becomes a little bit, it keeps its grip. A little bit of water or mud is not enough to keep the grip tape on a skate deck from working correctly. Grip tape is also versatile enough to be painted on, without losing grip. The

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very first skateboards were crafted from a slippery fiberwpc material. Fiberwpc is very slippery, and doesn't make a very good skate deck. Originally, the manufacturers simply added a waffle pattern to the skateboards to combat the slipperiness. This kind of worked, but the fiberwpc was still too slippery. The solution was grip tape. Grip tape most

likely showed up on the scene in the early seventies, with the dawn of the first mass-produced skateboard decks. These mass produced skateboards were often, 'pre gripped.' This means that skateboard grip tape was already applied to the decks so that the buyers did not have to worry about applying the tape themselves. It can be difficult to put grip

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