wood floor waxes maintain skill

wooden floor is chosen again well, your shop is bad, laid is undeserved, function is same also of halve; The beautiful, easy that laid stand or fall affects wooden floor directly is measurable and service life; building barrier to surround soccer pitch Small today make up teach everybody 3 kinds of common wooden floor laid method and a few notes.

1, direct and stickup law

This is a kind the oldest the most primitive laid method, it is to use gum directly wooden floor stickup go up in the ground, this kind of use gum is general great majority is industrial glue,patio concrete covered with wood and special not environmental protection, so this kind of the most primitive and old method was washed out by the market almost, unless a few illicit are factitious the picture is convenient and quick still using this kind of method.

2, suspension laid law

At present this kind of method is very suffer broad owner to love, it is before laid should prevent wet mat in ground laid above all, lay the floor that set wood on ground mat next,cheap cover up for deck because do not need to use industrial gum when joining together floor, comparative so environmental protection is healthy; This kind of method agrees with quite solid wood adds up to floor and aggrandizement compound floor, because stability of these two kinds of floors is wonderful,basically be, but law of laid of this kind of in suspension has particular demand to district, need everybody to notice to fall: Resemble be in Hua Dong,composite board non absorbent used Hua Na a few areas, what the shop does not want to stick between wood floor is too close, with one Zhang Ming piece ply can. So other climate is dry the area need not leave gap.

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