our country exported

The news that custom announces shows, our country exported ligneous category goods to be worth eighty-nine billion two hundred and eighty-two million yuan 2016, Boards To Cover 240 Sq Feet export goods of American ligneous category to be worth twenty-seven billion one hundred and fifty-four million yuan among them, 30.41% what American market share occupies our country to export wood international market. &nb is

released to reduce compound wood formaldehyde, the United States was made " act of standard of compound wood formaldehyde " (the following abbreviation " act " ) Split Rail Fence Made From Recycled Plastic (bulletin date is G/TBT/N/USA/827) , will carry out in the round at rising on December 12, 2017. " act " apply to all is in American sale, supply, make, the compound wood of the entrance, include casing of ark of furniture, wood,

floor, photograph, toy and housing Trendy Garden Fencing Price materials, requirement formaldehyde releases a quantity to must accord with its crucial level, need via qualification of appraisal of orgnaization of tripartite attestation (CARB attestation) , and beard with the label that makes clear a product to produce number of orgnaization of attestation of trade name, 28Mm Tongue And Groove Timber lot number, tripartite and accordance

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