place of lumber treatment

the furniture machine that place of lumber treatment industry wants, man-made will have important place. According to statistic, our country has many 500 lumber to ipe decking supplier france machine machinery to produce a business probably, but the lumber treatment machine that production makes is low price product more, wait like average planar planing machine, circle electric saw, and numerical control machinery and

the machine of a few careful treatment fencing garden malaysia that furniture production wants appear lack very much. The lumber that is in our country machines rigid market to go up, dimensions amounts to year of demand that waits to machinery of numerical control machinery, robot and advanced and careful treatment 5 billion yuan of RMB. On the supply of this kind of product, cheap ways to have a covered concrete patio japanese product is compared in the

price on Chinese market costly, have very big market hard, and the medium and small businesses of area of our country Taiwan is certain the advantage with outback composite board material labor low cost rises to run a plant in outback investment jointly, the raw material that uses place and treatment of lumber of labour force production are mechanical, the product formed stronger competition ability, cheaper

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