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Practical technology | Product encyclopedia | Enterprise encyclopedia | Talent center | Secondhand wooden machine your position: Homepage of website of Chinese brown upvc front doors timber industry - center of wooden trade news The world's biggest lap machine product line coulds there be settle wave Issue date: 2003-1-8 origin: A few days ago, company of machinery of papermaking of Finnish beauty eminent and

peace of Ning Bo city start recycled plastic wood flooring south africa development company (could there be namely industry of wave China paper 3 period project) signed the supply agreement that produces per year product line of lap machine of 600 thousand T formally. Contract total amount is 220 million euro about. Engineering of mill of system of the system of oar makings preparation that the garden floor tile size canada contract includes 1 to be comprised by

8 lines for goods, a complete lap machine, air, paper and drive a vehicle of paper machine workshop. The figuration ministry of this lap machine sheds oar box composition by 5 hydraulic pressure, among them 1 controls a system of dilute; Net ministry has MB take shape to match implement 16 x 20 replace top boards and railings ministry of 5 nets net; Compress the ministry compresses by type of boots of SymBelt of 2 double blanket

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