building materials is produced

Change character, our country's biggest building materials is produced and consume base -- , Guangdong province, because of detecting without the orgnaization is in these 29, lawn furniture made of composite wood provincial the building materials product that the orgnaization detects will be not admitted in domestic other area. From this, some media reachs finish talks: "Building materials detects Guangdong hand in a

blank examination paper " . Of media this what are the five disadvantages of wood floor read by accident, certainly will causes the disorder on understanding inside travel of building materials course of study again, many building materials manufacturer are anxious to this close watch, think oneself product " do not go to give Guangdong " . Their worry is heavy, be at a loss. "We are detecting provincially the 2x2 composite Embossed decking tile orgnaization

unqualifiedly orgnaization, even a few branches that do not have immediate impact take the advantage of this auspicious opportunity, roll out in succession relevant detect exterior tread floor covers in Bahrain business. For a short while, it is difficult to let building materials produce manufacturer, agency and consumer true and false differentiate, also make their incur tremendous at the same time loss. For skid this one

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