gram molecule to compare

1 . 5 - 1 . 8, after reducing gram molecule to compare chroma, the viscosity of adhesive was reduced. The Maerbi of the adhesive of E1 board chroma falls commonly to park balcony wpc decking no need maintenance 1 . 2 the following, such, the agglutinate force of glue drops, the force grasping a hammer of plank is poor also, the furniture that production gives grasps the difference that urge force, the structure is not firm.

Manufacturing business is in a deck screens for privacy connection was used to solve this one problem when making convert below join place common board make material, such environmental protection furniture also not environmental protection, formaldehyde still exceeds bid. The furniture of the 2nd kind of way that make uses common man-made namely board make material, classics pics of composite fences in norway formaldehyde makes furniture after

cleared agent formaldehyde, the force grasping a hammer that the furniture that this kind of way makes assured man-made board is original and its are mechanical patio floor material yield function is changeless, kept clear of again the formaldehyde in furniture material, furniture of this kind of environmental protection is so well-set performance is good, real environmental protection just increases a

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