a piece of ceramic tile price

But also spend about 40 square meters, plus the cost of moving upstairs, of course, can not rule out the damage in the course of tile paving process and personal time wasted. If you install the floor you can save the cost to do other use. After careful calculation found that a piece of ceramic tile price of 300 yuan with 40 labor costs,

the price can buy one square meter of superior wood species of solid wood flooring, or 3-5 square meters of reinforced flooring, then at the same price Under the conditions, the choice of wood flooring, of course, more cost-effective than the floor tiles.

Than the maintenance: tiles consume more energy brick maintenance: good maintenance, but prone to black seam, scratch obvious, bad all have changed. Solid wood floor maintenance: solid wood floor waxing now can be, there may be single-chip replacement.

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