orgnaization undertook firm market

authority such as the center detects the orgnaization undertook firm market is smoked measure, to already obtaining the trademark of national level, association organizes composite fence pricing per foot expert evaluation group, had joint hearing on April 19, 2002, a brand of Chinese floor industry is judged on fair, just foundation 73, among them real wood floor 20, floor of woodiness of macerate paper lamination 47,

solid Mu Fu joins a floor board 4, high quality medium density fiberboards in india bamboo floor 2. In recent years, mudebanyi is a popular industry continuously. Current, our country floor year design productivity exceeds 140 million square metre, among them enterprise of real wood floor 5400, year productivity 50 million square metre; Solid Mu Fu joins floor company 30, year productivity 15 million square metre; build direct composite deck railing systems Aggrandizement

floor product line 40, design ability 60 million square metre; Bamboo floor enterprise many 100, year productivity 3 million square metre. The industry of overheat brought reasonable prices for plastic wood decking relatively troubled market. Wooden floor complains a case ceaseless, consumer is before numerous brand not know what to do. The market is called be at ease brand. The floor industry brand that chooses this will have by a

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