board contains formaldehyde

that man-made board contains formaldehyde social effects of pollution to grow in intensity, already became our country the huge stumbling block of the lie across on road of philippine cemented fence industry development of man-made board industry. Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, man-made board formaldehyde releases a quantity to need under 1.5 milligram / litre, such product is defined to be

E1 class, be allowed to be used at directly outdoor engineered wood gliders indoor, but some manufacturers are in now of the interest drive below, still be produced and sell the product of level of grade of short of E1, of direct and minatory consumer healthy. Accordingly, do not solve this one problem good, our country man-made board manufacturing amount is larger, bigger also to social yacht deck coverings in australia pollution, wasted resource already,

fell somewhat, market demand is fatigued and weak still, sale decreases. According to statistic, japanese log market won't have this year how old improvement. In addition, weather resistant outdoor deck boxes australian lumber market still did not restore, from last year since spring, the log price of the market already fell over there 20% . Other Asia market is right the demand of New Zealand log still backwater.

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