shakedown material exhibition

international carpet and shakedown material exhibition (Asia) , because this is current exhibition the name is DOMOTEX Asia/ChinaFloor. Current exhibit already plastic decking in liverpool became China and even Asia's oldest international ground stuff to exhibit, buy the home to buy product of home, abroad to reach for major abroad exhibit business to develop Asian market to provide good place further, and

make the world the 3rd big the most essential anti scratch deck veneer prices commerce is exhibited. Material of China International ground and exhibition of shop outfit technology are internationally exhibition, the ginseng of 70% exhibits business to come from abroad, foreign well-known trademark is like Egger, kronoflooring, krono-Senhua, poliface, kronotex, henkel, solutia, freudenberg, al-Sorayai, sloped wpc patio to wood deck nearly 300

ginseng of 27 countries such as JETRO exhibited business to attend is an exhibition; Chinese enterprise also shows abundant actual strength, if collect floor of person of free pallet fence plans sri lanka beautiful floor products, blessing, auspicious,resemble wooden industry, Jilin group of pediment of group of dark labour, sea horse, power sea, Hua Yuan, east rise carpet to wait entered current exhibition. Ground data

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