How to solve the problem of the printer outputs blank paper?

The printer has almost become a modern office supplies, its print function instead of the traditional handwriting to greatly enhance our work efficiency. Now the type of printer is also uneven, a wide range of printers are readily available, but the more high-tech products, the more prone to failure. No matter how advanced the printer, the most important thing is the print function, so the printer's fault has a certain common. The following tips for everyone to solve the problem of the printer outputs blank paper:

For the dot matrix printer, most of the causes of blanking of the printing paper are due to the drying of the ribbon ink, the ribbon is broken, the print head is damaged, and the ribbon or the print head should be replaced in time. It is possible that the photosensitive drum is not grounded so that the negative charge can not be released to the ground, and the laser beam can not function on the photosensitive drum.

In addition, the laser printer does not rotate the drum, there will be no image generated and spread to the paper. Disconnect the printer power, remove the HP CF500X toner cartridge, open the slot on the lid, in the photosensitive drum of the non-sensitive parts of a mark and then reload into the machine. Start running for a while, and then remove the check mark is moving, you can determine whether the drum is working properly. If the toner can not be supplied normally or the laser beam is blocked, the phenomenon of printing blank paper may also occur. Therefore, you should check whether the toner is used up, whether the cartridge is properly loaded into the machine, whether the seal tape has been removed, or whether there is an obstruction on the laser irradiation channel. It is important to note that the power must be turned off during inspection, as the laser beam may damage the operator's eyes.

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