those to plant

they develop and nursery; Look at those to plant a year many newly to grow 45 meters tall, fresh and green be about to drip smoke wood. The author does it spirit one brace up.aluminum extrusions for composite floor panels As we have learned, california group the year before last year and Chen Gang of long peaceful county press down a government to sign country to rent a contract, rent 6000 mus of country, rent period 50 years. The plan is in 30 years of time,

construction teak fast give birth to composite header beam price about 200 thousand mus. Had planted 100 thousand trunk of a tree at present advanced teak seedling. Develop teak, have an outlook after all? Global teak market is broad Teak, alias smoke fat is cultivated, apply to case of case of shipping, building, interior decoration, floor spelling a flower, advanced furniture, bridge, instrument, car, sculpture, Composite Wood Core Railroad Ties musical instrument to wait

with material, be rare tree is planted on the world, development teak ever was listed Into the country " 65 " , " 75 " , " 95 " , and " 15 " national emphasis tackles key problem project, Synthetic Lumber Outdoor Patio ministry of science and technology " 85 " the key tackles key problem project. The international market of teak is very big, forecast according to the expert, at the beginning of 21 centuries, international teak log and sawn

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