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and violate compasses the examination staff that execute the law is executed execute the law of post " one ticket is overruled " , transfer stoutly execute the law post, purify how much does it cost to replace flooring lumber checkpoint to execute the law the window, establish forestry civilization to execute the law team new form. In the meantime, in staff of examination of whole town lumber, execute " end groom from hillock " system. Heart lumber and

furniture industry does sale drop considerably first half of the year: ? Depend on of bottom of discharge  subcutaneous ulcer ton row? Heart lumber and furniture industry sale drops cheap composite deck cleaning tips considerably first half of the year Issue date: 2002-12-11 origin: German lumber and carat of furniture guild director this in cloth of division Long Xuan, this year first half of the year, german lumber and furniture industry

achieve sale in all 18.3 billion euro, than last year the corresponding period drops 77% , it is the sale outstanding achievement is the poorest half an year since Germany is composite decks nz unified. In addition, total number of this industry employee falls to about 260 thousand, reduced seventeen thousand eight hundred person. The industry measure of 200 people above reduces employee number reach 3200, Carat this predict,

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