People buy poor quality furniture

People buy poor quality furniture. They want to return their money and read it out. Choosing wedding furniture, Ms. Guo originally thought that the loudness of the brand can ensure that everything is perfectly safe. However, peeling, moth-eaten, uneven surfaces, and the quality of the goods received make consumers unbearable.

However, at the time of her return, she needed to pay another RMB 750 to terminate the contract. This point, she has not been relieved so far. Touching, peeling, worms, large gaps 30,000 brand furniture bought more and more eager to choose Xingli furniture, due to Ms. Guo admiration for a long time.

Before, I saw a very fine piece of furniture in my friend’s house. Ms. Guo once admired her endlessly. At that time, I resolved to add furniture in the future. The daughter's wedding is approaching, and when setting up a new house, Ms. Guo remembered the name of Xingli.

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